Cooking Class with the Expert

5 stars
Jl. BintanV, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

Return transfers to/ from your accommodation (Kuta – Legian – Seminyak – Sanur area only: we will charge 15$ per person for transportation if not in these area)


At last the secrets of WILL MEYRICK’s can be revealed. He offered many various dishes from many region in Indonesia that you can learn, you can select your favourite four dishes and even your own chef!

Our head chefs, local trained experts in the culinary cuisine of the region and TIM BARTHOLOMEW, Hujan Locale’s Executive Chef are all part of the Secret Recipes Reveal team and are experts in their knowledge of preparation and creation of all of Will Meyrick’s restaurant dishes. When on island Master Chef, WILL MEYRICK, is also available to give you a personal introduction to his own cooking techniques.

This is an incredible chance to learn from the best – and bring home a lasting memory of your time here in Bali.

Compose your menu below by selecting:
– 1 Curry dish
– 1 Grill dish
– 1 Vegetable dish (or Starter)
– 1 Sambal

CURRIES: Please select one:
Ikan Menyat nyat Kintamani – Deep Fried fish with Menyatnyat paste from Kintamani area
Ayam or Bebek Betutu – Chicken or duck cook with betutu paste.
Gerangasem kare ikan – Fish curry with “base genep” galangal turmeric tamarind
Karangasem Sambal Udang – Dry curry of prawn Karangasem style with shallot garlic ginger and chili
Babi Genyol – Pork dry curry serve with vegetable

GRILLS: Please select one:
Ayam or Ikan Satay Lilit – Chicken or fish minced satays with “base genep” coconut palm sugar
Ayam Taliwang- Grill spring chicken with “Taliwang” paste chili palm sugar and shrimp paste
Sate Babi bumbu merah – Grilled pork satay with red paste garlic chili
Sate Ayam Madura – Grilled chicken satay “Madura” style serves with peanut sauce
Ikan or Udang or Cumi Bakar Jimbaran – Grill fish or prawn or squid Jimbaran style serves with sambal matah

VEGETABLES: Please select one:
Sayur Lawar Kalasan – Vegetable Lawar kalasan dressing
Jukut Ares – Balinese vegetable soup with banana trunk
Sayur Urab – Balinese mixed vegetables shredded coconut with embe paste
Pelecing Kangkung – Blanched of water cress with pelecing dressing

We offer below dishes as your starter instead of vegetables above:

Starter option:
Ayam sisit – Shredded Chicken
Ikan Tongkol Sambal Matah – Skipjack with raw sambal

SAMBAL: We will advise the sambal that suit with your selected dishes:
Sambal Matah – Raw sambal with ginger flower lemongrass shallots shrimp paste and lemo
Sambal Kecap – Sweet soya sauce with lime and chili
Sambal Plecing – Pounded shallots large chili curly chili garlic tomato & shrimp paste
Sambal Ulek – Pounded tomato large chili curly chili garlic and shallots
Sambal Embe – Deep fried shallot garlic chili and shrimp paste
Sambal Kacang – Peanut sauce

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Time allowed to free: Day of arrival (6 pm)
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