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At last the secrets of WILL MEYRICK’s can be revealed. He offered many various dishes from many region in Indonesia that you can learn, you can select your favourite four dishes and even your own chef!

Our head chefs, local trained experts in the culinary cuisine of the region and TIM BARTHOLOMEW, Hujan Locale’s Executive Chef are all part of the Secret Recipes Reveal team and are experts in their knowledge of preparation and creation of all of Will Meyrick’s restaurant dishes. When on island Master Chef, WILL MEYRICK, is also available to give you a personal introduction to his own cooking techniques.

This is an incredible chance to learn from the best – and bring home a lasting memory of your time here in Bali.

The Indonesia archipelago consists of 13,000 islands and each, based on their location and culture contributes a significant influence on their local cuisine. The dishes below were selected from the provinces of Indonesia that Chef Will has explored so far. All the menus proposed contain signature dishes from each province or region that are typical and readily available to both locals and visitors.

Select 4 dishes from the regions below:
Ayam Tangkap – Deep fried spring chicken
Kare kambing- goat curry Aceh style
Gulai udang Aceh – Prawn curry Aceh style
Bu Sie itik – Duck curry
Duck rice

Asam Laksa – Tangy Fish Soup
Ikan Naniura – Crispy Skin Whole Fish
Kare Bihun Ayam – Chicken Curry with Noodles
Daun Ubi Tumbuk – Cassava Leaf Dish
Ayam Padar – Crispy Skinned Chicken

Itik Lado Mudo – curry of duck
Classic Rendang – beef rendang
Gulai Kambing – goat curry
Ayam Bakar Kalio – grilled chicken
Gulai Paku – ferntips curry

Siomay Bandung
Sayur Lodeh
Iga Bakar Kambing
Ulukutek Leunca

Woku Udang
Gohu Tuna
Bubur Manado
Peinki Kuning

Nasi Gudeg – Signature rice dishes from Jogya with young jack fruit vegetables
Sate Buntel
Sate Klatak
Tengkleng – Signature “goat curry”

Ayam Betutu – Slow cooked chicken in Balinese method and spices
Sambal Matah Tongkol – Raw Sambal of lemon grass chili shrimp paste and skipjack
Blayag – Chicken thick soup serves with rice cake
Tum Ayam – Steamed of chicken filet marinated with base genep wrapped in banana leaf
Sate Babi Merah – Pork satay in Balinese red spices

STARTING TIME: 09.00 AM or 14.00 PM
DURATION: 3 hours (for 4 recipes)

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