Cooking Classes

meet Sarong Groups International and Indonesia chefs, all expert in aspects of Indonesian Cuisine and more than happy to share their knowledge with guests of Canggu Cooking Retreat

Cooking Class with Cycling

Today’s cooking class portrays Will Meyrick’s philosophy of introducing local produce to a wider audience. He has been developing relationships with local farmers utilizing their produce in his restaurants over the past years. In honoring these relationships, we would like to invite you to be a part of an authentic Balinese life through a day trip that combines scouring a traditional market for fresh ingredients, easy cycling, traditional craft making, a private cooking class conducted by your renown chef and a few more exciting activities.

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Cooking Class with The Expert

At last the secrets of Will Meyrick’s Restaurants can be revealed. Some of our signature dishes from the menus of Sarong, Mamasan, Som Chai and Hujan Locale in Ubud are now available, you can select your favorite five dishes!

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